Friday, June 17, 2011

Are You Grounded?

How would your life be different if inflammation, pain and fatigue were not issues???

I'm dedicating this post to sharing initial feedback on the use of these amazing grounding products I've been distributing for the past few months. Friends, yoga students, chiropractors, doctors, therapists and other health care practitioners are checking out the Earthing products for their own use, and for patients, clients, and family members.

In my initial email with heads up to a handful of friends and colleagues, interest prompted some to go to Amazon to purchase the book Earthing for more info -- Please know - with each product purchased - the book is included -- and you can get a free quick glimpse of more info on the research website:

Because I had such dramatic change overnight - I am STILL carrying the grounding pads and sheets in my trunk - for easy local distribution -- and am now an official affiliate - so you can also order online by clicking on 'Are You Grounded?' - see this heading at the column on the right. My referrals get FREE SHIPPING - saving the $10.50 I personally paid.

I was amazed at how fast and deep I slept the first nite and how my lifelong chronic jaw clenching - did not exist! My first thing out of bed routine has been to stretch out my back and neck with the large exercise ball -- and I felt no need -- no stiffness - aches/pains - this has been my consistent morning experience -- except twice -- when I realized the plug came loose from the wall!!! I'm hoping to see even more health benefits for my thyroid - over time. When I showed up to the chiropractor - because the interval walking technique I was experimenting with on the treadmill - threw out my hip and knee - Dr. Don said "Do you know you haven't been here for 8 weeks - Your energy is better"

Dr. Don, my trusted chiropractor, being a long-distance bike-rider who doesn't wind down to sleep after these trips - promptly invested in the queen-sized half-sheet - and reported after his first 100 mile ride -- he indeed went to sleep easily - and had no discomfort - and for the two weeks he'd been using it - his chronic knee that tends to buckle - had not done that once. See his report in his own words in the video above.

During my yoga classes I have shared the grounding products for students with problems in knees, feet, back and neck - just resting with the pad/belt for 15-20 minutes, everyone reports improvement - minimized discomfort - The therapeutic effect is said to take 20 -40 minutes - and the longer - more frequently we ground ourselves, the longer lasting the results.

Can't get your bare feet on the ground/beach on a daily basis? Please - don't hesitate to check out these simple, easy to use Earthing products!! On my recent trips to Ann Arbor and NYC some friends purchased the pads and some yoga students in the 'burgh, the queen-sized sheets-- Stay tuned and I'll keep reporting what they are saying.

How would your life be different if inflammation, pain or fatigue were not issues???

If you're in the 'burgh, contact me and I'll arrange delivery - if that's not convenient, click on "Are You Grounded?" at the right hand column list of Wellness Resources and get FREE SHIPPING.

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I See You ~ Namaste ~
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Suzen Sharda Segall
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