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More Homemade Good Eats:Reviewing 2010 annual Global Vegan Waffle Party

Global Vegan Waffle Party:

More adventures celebrating planetary, personal and community inner healing in vegan gourmand paradise!

Enjoy a glimpse from the recent Global Vegan Waffle party Abhai and I joined in on with our Pittsburgh Vegan Meet-Up group hosted annually in the 'burgh by Dave and Jen -- it was a gas to see Dave juggling six waffle irons -- with joy and -- grace!!! Enjoy with the Happy Healthy 'burghers -and know that next year there can be a waffle party near you! What follows is a partial repost with permission of Dave W. at

We again had great fun with our vegan waffle party, with around 40 neighbors, friends, and Vegan Meetup Members bringing creative waffle toppings. The conversation was great, and individuals with a range of dietary preferences shared an abundance of vegan treats that all could enjoy.

The array of vegan waffle toppings included the following: Agave-Coconut-Cinnamon-Date Topping, Apple Butter, Apple Cinnamon Raisin Topping, Beans ‘n’ Front-Yard-Garden Greens, Blueberry Sauce,bruschetta, Carob Halvah Spread, Chocolate Cranberry Relish, Coconut Almond Granola, Dark Chocolate Waffle Syrup, Fitr Harr (spicy hot mushrooms), Fresh Strawberries and Pineapple, Fresh Walnuts, Hummus, Maple Nut Sludge, Mint Chocolate Chip “To Die For” Homemade Ice Cream (ed. note I must acknowledge Ann Lynch founder of The Three Rivers Vegan Society and vegan chef who's now branching out to vegan ice creams -- of course I put a plug in for Coconut milk base!), Mushroom Medley, Mushrooms with Squash, Papaya Cranberry Topping, Papaya Strawberry Fruit Salad, Raw Chocolate Agave Spread, Raw Strawberry Sauce, Savory Kalamata Sauce, Sesame Lime Yogurt Dip, Vegan Caramel Sauce, and several I’m probably forgetting because the topping labels went home with them. At points it was difficult to choose what to try next.

This year’s waffles included Molasses Yeast Feast Waffles, Buckwheat Barley Malt Waffles, and gluten-free Zero Excuse Rice Coconut Waffles, served hot at two arrival times: 6 PM and 8 PM. (Ed. notes again -- Dave later reported he is aware of over 70 parties that took place this year --and some are scheduled for later -- never doubt the power of one!! Hands down - the best tasting to me were the Brown rice Coconut Waffles - sweetened with Molasses -- hot, crispy and light - exactly what sweet Mama Florence would say is essential in a Belgium Waffle!)


Also just for fun, I'm including some wafflebliss original music from Dave's website too:

It’s Waffletime!” live performance excerpts
Courtesy of the Waffle Girlz ‘n’ Boyz Choir from Waffle Party 2001 Dave said:
I believe the waffles made us delirious that year! The below recordings illustrate what happens when you get a bunch of creative, fun-loving people together in a small room. Instruments include chorus, a human beatbox, kazoos, and various household objects. Dave said they ended up using this music in an invitation for a later Waffle Party.
Waffle Party Music

And if that's not enough fun -- Hear Dave being interviewed by Vegcast host Vance Lehmkuhl at its interview #63 -- another new Veg cyber resource I found through Dave's website: And, if you go to the Vegcast home page and scroll to the bottom you'll find a number of other Veg podcast sources thanks to Vance. Who knew?!!!

Many Species...One Planet...One Future
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Reverence for All Life,

Suzen Sharda Segall

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