Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer 'Side Dish' Recipes - KitchenDaily fyi

I've cooked up quite a cornecopia for you today!! Talkin' food always gets me goin'!

Firstly, I'm experimenting using the great cyber technology to forward these pretty much Vegan 'side dishes' that caught my attention when I was opening the internet this morning. With very few substitutions, I'm impressed that I can enthusiastically recommend them to my readers - for quick - highly nutritious - fresh fair -- I would serve them as a main course -- and many are great for picnics! Let me know your review of a dish or two -- Just click on the title as a link to all the recipes and great photos - and what I especially appreciated is the panel giving details on all nutrients for each recipe. Check it out and do share your comments below!!

Secondly, Our local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm has begun delivery of our first locally grown vibrant veggies and herbs -- and I'm looking forward to exercising my creativity when presented with a potpourri of ingredients -- This week sooo much Rosemary -- I'm gonna have to give some away -- although I love it, it's contraindicated for enlarged thyroid conditions (as is lavender, by the way) so I'll use it just once a week. Also included this first week, a bit of rhubbarb -- just enough for a garnish/flavoring of a dish, mucho pea shoots --- a pretty new food for me --and plenty of lettuces that are promised to continue -- and with me - again trying to grow some on my balcony -- abundance now!!

Have you had experiences with a CSA /local fruits & veggies and recipe-creating that you'd like to comment on here? I'm all ears!! And, if you make a great dish and have a digital camera (on my wishlist) I'd love to post it here too!!

And lastly, and certainly most importantly, I'm also taking this opportunity to highly recommend the North American Vegetarian Society extraordinary SummerFest of superb deliciouso vegan fare and timely speakers all hosted on the Johnstown campus of The University of Pittsburgh -- please click on the banner above to go to their website and see for yourself how much they have to offer --even though the air-conditioned dorm rooms are sold out -- don't hesitate to reserve your spot - if you are ready/getting ready to invest in your health and the health of our planet.

Dates: July 7 - 11. My hero, Dr. Neal Barnard is speaking!
so stay tuned for some upcoming posts that will feature timely info from his PCRM site (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

There is even a ride share page that may help out some overcome an obstacle to getting there. Click on the banner for all the skinny!

Many Species...One Planet...One Future

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Reverence for All Life,

Suzen Sharda Segall

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