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That was Then...This is Now: BodyArts Therapeutics

When my sister Linda (Lakshmi) and I founded The Yoga and Meditation Center of Pittsburgh in the 1970's, we created the "Yoga" listing in the Pittsburgh Yellow Pages. I've never forgotten the suprising phone inquiry I got during our first year -- a guy called asking what flavors of yogurt we sell -- and he was serious!! Fast forward to establishing my company BodyArts Therapeutics in the 1980s and again I found myself stunned to possibly be mixed up with tatoo parlors offering body art!! Yikes!! Thankfully those were isolated incidents.

And to fast fast forward to the present, I find myself coining two new titles to describe my 21st century yoga system. Those who practiced with me at The Lighthouse Center in Whitmore Lake Michigan were the first to see an invitation to join me in practice of 'Four Jewels Yoga'; for the general public, I introduce this system as The YeSSS Method of Restorative Yoga. The Four Jewels refers to the essential virtues of Jaina Dharma - the Path of Ahimsa - non-violence: Amity, Appreciation, Compassion and Equanimity.

YeS = Say Yes and Smile! This gentle system is for Every Body...YeS = With this practice I am feeling better and better and better .. YeSSS = Enjoy Restorative Yoga with Suzen Sharda Segall
With the inclusion laughter yoga and the resting on cushy balls, we have essential props that not only release trigger points, activate acupressure points and also enhance the release of muscle tension throughout the body; and I mustn't fail to mention the best core and aerobic work gets done with the laughter; and all the while, preparing practitioners for meditation by cultivating one-pointed concentration -- the practice of being fully present in each moment --- and accessing deep states of calm and relaxation.

With each decade I have deepened and enriched my practice and my coaching of the core BodyArts systems, finding now in midlife, that I am delightfully further expanding the modalities to include mindful golfing "ChiGolf ", Laughter Yoga, and mostly adding to my own practice, Argentino Tango and Threshold Choir. Athought with these last two arts I have mostly been a student - BodyArts workshops are perculating for Tangueros, and some Threshold choir music has been deeply appreciated at the start and end of yoga sessions and in Tai Ji sessions.

Tune in next time for the in-depth story of The Journey of the BodyArts as we prepare to share sessions again at The Lighthouse Center this week-end as part of a unique retreat.

Many Species...One Planet...One Future

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Reverence for All Life,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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