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Return Mountain: Retreat in Berkeley Springs WVA

FRIDAY - MONDAY AUGUST 20 - 23, 2010

I am happy to report and extend to you this invitation to join me for the first Celebrating the Inner Healer Retreat in this uniquely restorative environment.

According to a Reuters Health News story, "Just five minutes of exercise a day in the great outdoors can improve mental health, according to study recently released, and policymakers should encourage more people to spend time in parks and gardens.

Researchers from the University of Essex found that as little as five minutes of a "green activity" such as walking, gardening, cycling or farming can boost mood and self esteem." Read more at:


How would your life be different with an entire week-end immersed in nature?

Of course as a BodyArts Therapeutics enthusiast I would add that this is true for - the 'green activities' of mindful breathing, fresh air yoga, QiGong and Tai Ji, soaking/ receiving an Acu-Aqua Massage in the mineral springs hot tub/pool, groovin' in the park to the concert with Down Home Roots, grillin' and munching plant-based delicious fare on the deck overlooking the Coolfont forest, window-shopping in town, and spirit drumming in the barn.

The retreat is being organically guided by the longings of the hearts and the local resources available this summer week-end.

We'll meet at the May Apple vacation home of Henry and Barbara Lynn in the Coolfont home-owners' estates, fifteen minutes from town (head for the castle -- yes the CASTLE!!) I've put together a special plant-based menu of some of my delish-nutrish signature dishes with a couple new recipes I just learned while at The Lighthouse Center July Retreat.

In the brief time we have to share together, I am excited to introduce some of my favorite gems -- in the town where George Washington bathed, where Native Americans from as far as Canada journeyed to the healing waters, and where many boomers migrated in the '60s onward...
Here's a sketch of the itinerary as of today:

Friday Evening: Our potluck plant-based supper will serve as our ice-breaker. Our opening welcome circle will include a guided practice with the Chi Gong and The Tai Ji Dance of the Five Elements on the deck facing the woods.These standing, ancient slow-motion easy-to-learn exercises are both refreshing and relaxing. With this Chinese Yoga we will connect in a new way to our inner nature while appreciatng the Eastern Panhandle Coolfont forest surrounding and grounding us.

Saturday: Greet the Day with my very own YeSSS! Method of Restorative Yoga and Guided Relaxation and enjoy a breakfast buffet before heading poolside -- where those who wish can experience the Aqua-Acu-massage with me in the hottub or enjoy a walk. We'll have a picnic lunch there - and after changing, head to town for a uniquely Berkeley Springs Fresh air concert with DOWN HOME ROOTS:
Led by noted musicians Tari Hampe and Sam & Joe Herrmann, this local roots music concert showcases several of the legendary musical families developed through the Morgan County Music Census. We'll hear everything from traditional bluegrass and country to gospel, people-watching all the while.

Concert runs from 5:30 - 6:30 pm so we'll have time to rest there some or walk in town some, visit some unique shops or visit The Ice House that features wonderful local artists work.

We have dinner reservations at Lot 12 around 8 pm ( and our teen guests may opt to go to The Star Theatre circa 1920's for Knight and Day and meet us for dessert) That tops off a very rich day in the country!

Sunday: Again, we greet the day with our two hour yoga practice and brunch. There will be some quiet, private time and a QiGong with Tai Ji practice on the deck before we serve an early supper on the deck. We'll head for The Barn for a special evening of Spirit Drumming (7:30pm) led by Bhagwan, Stan Sternberg from Michigan. We're opening the Drumming session to our whole community -- For details on all these modalities, please see my blog: Celebrating the Inner Healer

Please RSVP by phone or email for the Spirit Drumming Session (sliding fee scale for community friends and neighbors)

Monday: We pack up and Celebrate the Inner Healing Closing circle with our morning yoga and brunch departing about 1pm.

Check List - what to bring

Own pillow if you'd prefer; sleep mask if you want to insure full darkness
walking shoes
sandels/flipflops for poolside
layers -
bathing suit (2 - or use clothes dryer if need be)
casual comfy clothes
yoga mat
2 beach towels
You won't need bottled water, but you may want to bring empty gallons to take water home -- and a carry stainless steel water bottle (exception: there are lots of minerals in these spring waters - so if kidneys are vulnerable, you may want to go easy)
journal and pens for your self

All linens and towels are provided -- and we'll make up our own beds and bring the sheets and towels to the laundry area on Sunday.

NEXT STEPS: Please email me with any food limitations/concerns/any other questions.
Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of your check received by August 1st.

Many Species...One Planet...One Future

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and Reverence for All Life,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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