Monday, July 11, 2011

An Urgent Plea

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Today, I am introducing as a guest blogger an old friend with a unique challenge. Please read her urgent Plea below and join her supporters in whatever way you are moved.

My Dear Friends,

Last year I was diagnosed with an extremely rare colorectal cancer. Sophisticated chemosensitivity testing indicated that I was unlikely to respond to conventional treatment.

Following the diagnosis, my journalistic research mind revved into high gear, and I sought out the top experts, scoured scientific papers and clinical studies and investigated every reasonable alternative therapy. There had to be a better way to beat the cancer and regain my health. And there is!

I’ve now found a solution, and am asking for your help to get me to where I know I need to go.

Photodynamic Therapy is a cancer treatment I actually reported on back in 1998. It’s been approved in the U.S. for a few cancers – unfortunately not for mine. You can watch that story here:

Since then, cutting edge advances in China have led to Sonophotodynamic Therapy, or SPDT. This technique photosensitizes cancer cells with non-toxic liquid chlorophyll and then eliminates them with light and sound waves. The success of SPDT in treating even very late stage cancers is unprecedented, and nothing short of phenomenal.

The bottom line is that SPDT affords me the greatest chance of a complete recovery, and I plan to travel to China on July 15th to begin treatment.

I’ve raised the lion’s share, but I still immediately need to raise a bare minimum of $20,000 to help pay for a five-week cycle of treatments. It’s awkward for me to reach out like this, but I have to!

Contributions can be made online at, or by check made payable to “Terri Taylor Donations,” 211 S. Lang Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15208.

If you’ve already made a donation, know that I am tremendously grateful!

I’m excited about this journey -- both the prospect of getting well and my ability to share such a revolutionary advancement in health care with others.

I’ll be blogging from Renkang Hospital in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan, so please join my mailing list by clicking here:

“Friend” me for mini-updates at

And please note that my new email address is:

I deeply appreciate your support, and ask that you forward this urgent appeal along to others who may want to help and learn more.

Much Love,


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