Friday, April 9, 2010

A New York vegan State of Mind

The roving reporter cruises on the big Apple! In in the brief couple days we have together, I fully intend to continue the adventure of sampling fresh, local, organic Vegan delights - from the multitude of restaurants available.

The last time I was there I discovered Peacefood Cafe -- which I loved -- and is worth an encore. - On the Holistic Holiday at Sea I had the great fortune to dine with a lovely young woman and her lovely folks -- all from NYC. Of course, I got a great new recommendation -- that I'm eager to check out: Caravan of Dreams. I've already gotten a welcoming email from General Manager, Reilly. If time, I'm thinking about a return visit to Candle Cafe, or who knows where!

Patti Mock, another fellow travelor on the deep blue seas, had given me a couple great tips of making desserts -- and let me know that BabyCakes bakery in NYC now has a cookbook. Perhaps I'll stumble upon the bakery this time.. she also encouraged me to make some buckwheat chocolate chip cookies and vegan pumpkin pie (she and I agree about the wonders of coconut milk) Her recipes were adapted from Karina' which I have not yet gotten to view. Have you?

Marilou Henner also had a couple of great websites for travels: and I'd love to hear your reviews and other sites you'd recommend!

I'll share more of my own Spring recipes later! Hints: leeks, watercress, rhubbarb, millet.

Caoi Baby!

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and the Joy of Spring!

Suzen Sharda Segall

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  1. Hi Sharda. It's Jenné, your Peacefood Cafe waitress. Thanks for mentioning us in your post, it was nice having you. I've got to try that "Caravan of Dreams" too, I've heard great things!
    Here's a link to my blog too
    Be well, and stay in touch!

  2. Jenne!! So great to see your brilliant smile and read your comments. I am happy to also follow your blog! I really relished the take-out goodies I brought home from Peacefood Cafe -- and wish I could get deliveries to Pittsburgh!! Maybe at least the spelt rye and foccacia breads??
    Do advise! Enjoy Spring!

  3. Jenne' your blog is so inspiring -- and beautifully photographed dishes!! Many thanks and keep it coming my newest best foodie friend!