Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around:We are all interconnected

Some further musings on magical moments/gifts that the universe blessed me with during the Wellness Voyages 2009 and 2010:

I shared this 2009 experience in Cozamel with the players in the Mindful Walking with Tai Ji Dance of The Five Elements workshop last Friday morning before we visited Grand Turk on the Holistic Holiday at Sea:

Have you noticed that when you choose to stray off the beaten path and commune with nature and your inner healer, forces of the universe seem to come together to assist you?
My first Holistic Holiday at Sea journey was during my birthday week in March of 2009.

One day, before lunch, my travel companion returned from the Cozamel port and with some frustration reported she was unable to get beyond a small perimeter of shops to get to the beach for a quiet moment. I assured her that we'd go back together and I would find a way out of the tourist area and get us to the beach; she was eager to have me introduce her to the Tai Ji Dance. We meandered through the blockades and made our way to a main street. I simply walked from center, following my intuition.

Soon, I spotted the entrance to the beach -- which happened to be connected to the fancy hotel across the street. Walking a couple of feet into the entrance we were greeted by a native in a starched white uniform who politely asked if we were guests of the hotel. I proudly explained that we were guests of the Costa Fortuna, just here for a couple of minutes. My friend chimed in with a heart-felt plea: Can't we go down to the beach? My friend needs it for her health?

For some reason, the security guard permitted us fifteen minutes. We gleefully proceeded to the shoreline -- with rows of sun-bathers lounging behind us -- we faced the ocean and I began tuning to the rhythm of the waves...breathing to center....silently starting the Tai Ji Dance with fellow travelor following. As we finished, two American teenage men appeared. The older asked me "Are you having a class?" I said YES! and they asked to join in. "Sure!"

We proceeded to again Dance the Dance of the Five Elements -- and this time, I cued the three players with the story. It begins with: Before we start anything of importance, step back and clear the path....

We finished and the older teen asked "Can we do it again?" "Sure!" By this time, a mom and young daughter ran over and this Argentinean woman happily asked "Are you doing Tai Ji? Can we join you?" "SURE!" And bringing up the rear a 10 year old local boy with a cast on his arm tagged along too!

We danced the dance -- and again -- the first young man asked to do it again. He said "I haven't had this much peace for two years." My heart expanded, asking where have you been for the past two years? His response was "IRAQ". My breathe let go, we hugged heart-to-heart and I had the sweetest celebration of the Inner Healer in that moment.

My friend and I knew this was no accident and tearfully celebrated together the awareness that straying from the beaten path is a good thing!

Fast forward to March 26th 2010:

Later, Friday I went off the ship to Dance on the Grand Turk beach. Though it was very crowded, I managed to keep my feet immersed in the luscious water at the shoreline, and practiced my Medical QiGong sequence with waves pouring in, storing Chi - Life Force in through Kidneys.

After a series of purging exercises, I continued with building, toning, balancing and healing energy for each organ system and then ...out of nowhere - a MQG "Master" guided me - tweeked my hand position - gave me some tips to refine the movements -- and then simply walked away -- and I didn't miss a beat (rhythmically tuned to the waves) I continued the practice with these new refinements and soon, once again, the "Master" returned -- and encouraged me and offered another tip -- watching 'til I incorporated it, smiled and again, walked down the beach....... The photo above left my magical master out!

My experience was dreamy - and even stunning -- and in every cell I was grateful for the abundant giving-receiving dance of life - and the ever-deepening knowing that we are not alone --we are all interdependent -- and that our birthright is to thrive Celebrating the Inner Healer - in harmony with nature.

Praego, Praego, Praego! Thank you one and all!


Suzen Sharda Segall

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  1. These experiences were surely amazing, Michele and the memories continue to fill me with gratitude.