Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Fall Retreat:Celebrating the Inner Healer

Like the first retreat held in Berkeley Springs, this second one has also been organically grown and guided by the longings of the hearts and by the local community resources.

This time, opening on
World Vegetarian Day, October first, we are hosted by Brooke Grant, at his breath-taking property about 70 minutes from Highland Park near Indiana Pennsylvania.

In the brief time we will have to share together, I am excited to introduce you to some of my favorite gems in terms of BodyArts, plant-based delicious meals and talented light-bearers with specialties of their own - these guests will share leadership with me throughout the week-end.

By selecting a venue that will provide a lovely Fall ride to the country, we can offer would-be retreaters the option of joining us for the entire week-end or as day-trippers -- coming either Saturday/Sunday or commuting both days. Come for full day program Saturday/Sunday - with Yoga at 9 am or Come for lunch through evening program. Overnight accommodations are limited - so please call today to reserve (camping out is also an option)

Since parking and lodging space is limited and we must adhere to a reservations only policy. (Please call to discuss special needs) Reservations for the full week-end need be mailed by Wednesday - Sept. 22 - (or request Pay Pal billing) Reservations by the day - need be received by Tuesday Sept. 28.

Friday Evening: Our opening welcome circle will include a guided practice with the Chi Gong and The Tai Ji Dance of the Five Elements I will lead on the deck facing the woods. These standing, ancient slow-motion easy-to-learn exercises are both refreshing and relaxing. With this Chinese Yoga we will connect in a new way to our inner nature while appreciating the natural beauty surrounding and grounding us.
Following our plant-based supper, I will introduce Bhagwan Stan Sternberg who will lead us in Spirit Drumming. I've also invited Stan (Bhagwan) to be a guest blogger to give us an update on his weekly new Spirit Drumming corps experiences and give you more of a sense of what we'll share both Friday eve and Saturday 4-6 pm with Spirit Drumming - do tune in here again this week for Stan's post.

Saturday: The anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday - Greet the Day with my very own YeSSS! Method of Restorative Yoga and Guided Relaxation and enjoy a breakfast buffet. During the late morning and mid-afternoon breaks, I'll schedule Su Jok and acupressure massage sessions for individuals. We'll have a picnic lunch on the deck of the cabin overlooking the pond - and after some rest time, enjoy being introduced to the nature around us in a unique partnered six senses walk. Free time will follow before we gather for the Community Spirit Drumming session from 4-6 pm. I'm anticipating several day-tripper seasoned drummers from on-going corps joining us as well as newbies. If you have your own drum do bring it!
Our Vegan Indian dinner at 6:30 will provide some delicious socializing time -- and may include some plant-based covered dishes brought along by the day-trippers.

We'll reconvene on the deck (weather permitting) for sunset guided Tai Ji practice and the introduction to the sharing of Rabbi Adalah - we'll have a glimpse of her special work calling in the Angels and send us to bed with a deeply satisfying integration of the experiences of the day.

Again, we greet the day with our two hour yoga practice and share in a mindful eating experience with our special brunch. There will be some quiet time, followed by Rabbi Adalah leading a The Healing Water Meditation celebrating the rivers within flowing into and with the ancient rivers of mother earth. Then, some time for yourself before we gather again for supper and our closing circle ceremony before getting back on the road by 7:30.

If you are within driving distance pleases Join us!! If you are not, stay tuned for the schedule of upcoming retreats in many special near and far away places!

For further details on some of the modalities included in the Oct. 1-3 program, view the archived posts
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Reflections on Return Mountain Retreat

Send request for more information and registration through http://www.wellnesstraining.com/.
From you I receive, To You I give, Together we share and From this we live
Many Species...One Planet...One Future

~I See You ~ Namaste ~
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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