Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reflections on Return Mountain Retreat

I came back from our "Return Mountain" weekend feeling transformed. I went to the retreat with a singular hope, to establish a unity in my life, a completeness of purpose, a new fullness to replace the void created by Sarita's transcendence.

I return with a sense of oneness I didn't know existed, a fuller and deeper appreciation of the richness of my life's possibilities. I have done many workshops but this weekend topped them all by a mile. Thank you Sharda. You are our magnificent host and leader.

Thank you Namrata, Sohum, Carolyn and Joe for completing the spiritual interconnection of six seekers. We all so benefitted being together. We all enjoyed the weekend of just being in such a marvelous environment. Sharda, this was a 5 star weekend in my book, so well worth the journey from Michigan. You can count on my coming back to Berkeley Springs.

From you I receive, to you I give,
Bhagwan Stan Sternberg

I love how a group of six very unique people were brought together for not much more than forty-eight hours, but what happened in that forty-eight hours because of the dynamics of those six people was spiritual, magical and eternal. I am gratefjul for G-d's leading of Sharda in orchestrating and conducting this beautiful symphony...I will never forget what I learned and's part of my fiber and my life now. I am blessed.... Carolyn P. Baltimore MD. 8 - 23-10

Stan was quoting the Grace before each meal that I sing with the retreaters -- in its entirety:

From you I receive, To You I give, Together we share and From this we live

It really sums up the whole message of Ahimsa - Reverence for All Life - Celebrating our interdependence - I See You ~ Namaste!
Many Species...One Planet...One Future

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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