Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farewell Year of the Tiger Greetings Year of the Rabbit

All blessings of the Chinese New Year 4709 a 'quiet, positive & inspiring' year.

Have you had some special foods ushering in this time? Buddhist Delight -- representing prosperity - dumplings --symbolizing gold ingots--mandarin oranges for good luck -- turnip or taro cakes -- and of course, year-round celebration of longevity - noodles -- to name but a few!

Floral Decor: Meaning :
Plum Blossom symbolizes luck
Kumquat symbolizes prosperity
Narcissus symbolizes prosperity
Chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity
Bamboo a plant used for any time of year
Sunflower means to have a good year
Eggplant a plant to heal all of your sickness
Chom Mon Plant a plant which gives you tranquility

Red is the predominant colour used in New Year celebrations. Red is the emblem of joy, and this colour also symbolizes virtue, truth and sincerity. On the Chinese opera stage, a painted red face usually denotes a sacred or loyal personage and sometimes a great emperor. Candies, cakes, decorations and many things associated with the New Year and its ceremonies are coloured red. The sound of the Chinese word for “red” ( 紅) is “hong” in Mandarin (Hakka: Fung; Cantonese: Hoong) which also means “prosperous.” Therefore, red is an auspicious colour and has an auspicious sound.

According to Taoist Astrology, the New Energy Year Begins Friday, February 4, 2011

Each energy year brings its unique emphasis and influences our local expert, Phil Jannetta has a great online monthly service you can request - for general forecasts, like the ones I published here previously - as well as a personal forcast option, by simply sending him your birthdate.

Many Species...One Planet...One Future
~I See You ~ Namaste ~

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  1. wow, great post! all new info to me. and the soup from this week....i can't put it into words...perhaps it's because i'm on my own ayurvedic journey right now or perhaps not. whatever it is, that soup made me glow inside and out as i ate it. i savored every last spoonful!

  2. Wow! What a testimonial on the BoneHealing soup -- many thanks, Rick, for sharing your experience with it. I find it exceptional too, and was intrigued when coached on the recipe by our mutual vegan meet-up friend, Garima Jain, who's take-out vegan Indian food you've been purchasing at Public House - week-ends in the Strip (for 'burghers only!)
    So next time you're there -- do give her/her husband your appreciation on the Spinach-Tomato Soup!