Sunday, March 6, 2011

Karrot Soup with a KICK +

Again, I'm spotlighting a great recipe from my healing sisters at Smith Farm. Thank you, Jnani Chapman and Laura Pole and forgive me for tweeking -- my own version --I don't miss you so much when I cook 'with' you!

Since feedback from subscribers tells me you are enjoying a little to a lot of heat and flavor,here goes! Although fresh ginger is called for in the original recipe, as per my medical QiGong mentor, Ted Cibik, I generally cook with dried. The mango chutney does include raw ginger. Additional curry, cumin and cinnamon round out the sweet heat.Magic Mineral Broth (tm) the healing base in this week's root veggie beta-carotine rich soup. I added the parsnips plus zucchini for extra green nutrients and silky texture. I started off with yellowonions pearled in a scant teaspoon of olive oilm adding thyme and sea salt along with the curry blend. I hope
you didn't miss garlic -- I think this is the only soup without!

If desired, when reheating -- enrich this soup to the max with the addition of baby spinach - allowed to wilt until it is brilliant green. May the dynamic warm colors bring a smile to your face and encouragement to your heart and soul, knowing that more sun and Spring are on the way.

I've included a dollop of coconut plain yogurt with chives for you to enjoy as you choose. Some may explore their creativity and exercise their design muscles and even
center themselves before taking the first spoonful by swirling. Some folks may have fun placing a dime size drop in the center of the soup you've plated, then with the edge of the butter knife or toothpick, swirl away playfully, symbolically and happily :).

Also packed separately, fresh lime juice for you to spritz once the soup is in your bowl -- enhancing flavors, adding the degree of tartness and cooling of the heat, as you like.

Chanting Ingredients include:

A round sung at the Jain Meditation Int'l Center:

You can make the sun shine any ol' time, even when the

sky is grey. (2x)

You can make the sun shine, you can make the sun shine,

You can make the sun shine any ol' time, even when the

sky is grey.

Threshold's healing song: Up from the Earth

All Blessings of Compassion & Joy this day!
Your singing soup-maker, Sharda
Many Species...One Planet...One Future
~I See You ~ Namaste ~
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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