Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcoming Spring Soup

Potato Arugula Soup: Hot or Cold Here’s a yummy soup perfect for this transitional weather. It was a new adventure for me – starting off with roasting some of the ingredients while prepping the stovetop broth. Roasted leeks, garlic, Russian and red kale along with the young arugula drizzled with olive oil; it’s packed with green vitality and rich in fiber and nutrients. I added a splash of Braggs mineral soy flavoring along with the dry sherry and mirin rice wine, plus sea salt and cracked lemon-garlic- pepper and a hint of healing cayenne. The rainbow of potatoes include local purple, reds, golden, and sweets. The broth includes celery, parsley, yellow onion, parsnips, carrots and twice filtered water, with sea salt, peppercorns, sage and garlic. I did use some Imagine not chicken broth as well. I didn’t even need to add the oat milk I bought to add creaminess – but if you’d like to enrich it – that’s one that I think tastes, looks, and feels most like whole milk. Rice, mixed grain or coconut would work well too. If you want the texture to be lighter, I recommend the Imagine not-chicken broth. Along with a fresh salad, this makes a lovely light meal. What’s even better, you can serve hot or cold – and freeze some for a few weeks too. Chanting Ingredients: Packed to overflowing with the many hours spent at The First United Methodist Church with the wonder-filled Interfaith 'Om Again' shared chanting thanks to Rev. Gail Ransom, followed by hundreds of voices in call and response with Krishna Das leading more uplifting meditative chants with wonderful accompaniment of our favorite yogi drummer, Jim Donovan and a tabla player. If you missed it – and you're in the 'burgh, you can sip it! (and join in next year!) Next week begins the real Spring soup offerings ( The wish of the week: let’s hope ramps make their way to the Coop or Right by Nature for me to include in the first April Soup: 4/3 Garlic Broth with Greens 4/11 Creamy Broccoli (with cashews) 4/18 Lemony Lentil Spinach 4/25 Mung Bean Cauliflower ‘stew’ Pints or Quarts can be ordered - by the month or by the week - one week in advance recommended. Since I have extra arugula, this week I'm also offering by request - Arugula pesto. And any week, 'burghers can special order the Magic Mineral broth to use as a tonic tea or when cooking rice, quinoa or other grains in place of water. Next week, begins the again. A great opportunity for FREE online support in vegan transitioning -- great recipes, meal planning, celebrity phone calls and more! That's what I can offer my out-of-towners -- register at the link above -- and I'm confident you will be glad you did!! Did I mention, this program is an offshoot of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - my hero - Dr. Neal Barnard? All Blessings of Compassion & Joy Your singing soup-maker, Sharda Many Species - One Planet - One Future I See You ~ Namaste ~ Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature, This blog post can be reproduced in its entirety with the following information:© Suzen Sharda Segall 2010, Suzen Sharda Segall, Wellness Personal Trainer/Consultant, designer and facilitator of BodyArts Therapeutics, has provided an integrated approach to health and wellness for a wide variety of populations, internationally,for over thirty-five years


  1. omg i'm emailing you now about your april soups! we're in, those sound fab! I think we'd like some mineral broth too!

  2. Thanks for your April order, Rick. Let me know how much broth you'd like - This first soup has a different broth -- but I'll be making the Magic Mineral Broth for the Creamy Broccoli.