Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This week's Soup Suprise

Curried Triple Squash Granny Smith apples join with pumpkin, butternut squash and Japanese Kabocha for another version of this creamy golden soup. We can’t get enough of the Magic Mineral Broth c tm. This delicious and restorative veggie base was created by Chef Rebecca Katz and conveyed by ‘Chefnurcian’ Laura Pole, who I had the joy of meeting at a Smith Farm Retreat in Maryland (learn more at her site: Additional ingredients include olive oil, pears, yellow onion, dried ginger and curry, Braggs mineral soy sauce, almond butter, fresh lime juice, brown rice syrup and mango chutney. If you prefer a thinner/richer version, you could add coconut, almond, oat or rice milk. A funny thing happened on my way to deliver soup last week and retrieve the empties. Much to my surprise, I was ‘gifted’ a quart of the Magic Mineral Broth – complete with a sprig of an herb – I couldn’t positively identify – and hoped it was lovage! (refer back to the previous blog entry on this) I’m still not certain, after researching pictures online, but am delighted regardless! Along with the quart, was an internet print out with the recipe as well as an article about the healing power of this broth. I couldn’t resist playing the Magic forward, and shared the broth with a dear friend journeying with cancer right now. The reprint of Guideposts recipe brags about how sipping this potassium – trace mineral nutrient-rich broth alone is like giving your body an internal spa treatment. The accompanying article talked about a woman gifted with the broth while she was coping with breast cancer treatment. She renamed the broth Magic Miracle Broth! – finding it incredibly restorative. If you’d like a special order just of the broth, let me know. So many possible fun garnishes for this soup, I finally offered two new variations - Tamari toasted sunflower seeds or dry roasted cashews - for some added toasty crunch. For myself, I've had this soup for breakfast and added baby spinach, very comfy. All Blessings of Compassion & Joy this Super Full Moon week! Your singing soup-maker, Sharda Many Species...One Planet...One Future~ I See You ~ Namaste ~ Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature, Suzen Sharda Segall This blog post can be reproduced in its entirety with the following information:© Suzen Sharda Segall 2010, Suzen Sharda Segall, Wellness Personal Trainer/Consultant, designer and facilitator of BodyArts Therapeutics, has provided an integrated approach to health and wellness for a wide variety of populations, internationally,for over thirty-five years


  1. that soup sounds amazing! do you have a list for april ready yet?

  2. Thanks for asking, Rick. Read today's entry for the April list - March 28 -- You should have received my ESoup News with the info too.
    Meanwhile, I thought of dropping off a pint of this weeks even more amazing yummy Potato Arugula - as a suprise for you and Sabrina - I can still deliver it to you - if you like!