Friday, April 15, 2011

The Cancer Project / Easter and Passover Menu

I apologize for missing the mark of this entry --- It got left as a draft -- and I hope the menu ideas are still useful to you!
The Cancer Project / Easter and Passover Menu

I was blessed to be invited to a Pittsburgh Vegan Passover Sedar - First night -- hosted by my favorite Hebrew Healing Chant visionary - David Goldstein. His menu was quite extraordinary -- with a full meal he and Jeffrey prepared -- in addition to entries most of the guests brought -- it was like a huge thanksgiving meal!!

I brought my version of Laura Pole's " Laura's Luscious Lentil Pate" - like a vegan chopped liver -- our first course - followed by a unique Parting of the Red Sea Golden and Red roasted beet soup, several salads followed -- my favorite being David's endive, mangoe and avacado -- with a prepared dressing that was not only new to me -- but that I later found on sale at the EEFC -- food coop!! Saving $1 per bottle!!

I'm keeping it as a secret ingredients -- with the hopes of tempting you to join me at The Spencer Hotel in Chautauqua Ny Memorial Day week-end for a unique Wellness Getaway - where we'll serve this salad and lots more great yummy healthy meals -- and some of my healing soups.

David also prepared a Jambalaya and whipped sweets with toasted walnut garnish, other guests brought spinach strawberry sesame salad and curried carrots, and dessert of cooling coconut ice creams. What a special evening !

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