Monday, April 11, 2011

Great Vegan Cheese Sauce FYI

Welcome Spring Cheesy Broccali Soup I’m excited to share the Wayfare new ‘not cheese’ sauce product in this version of Creamy Broccali Soup. I’ve made the consistency feel rich and creamy in the past version presented to Gilda’s Club members for my Mindful Eating Workshop, using much higher caloric raw cashews. Happily, our EEFCoop is now featuring buy 2 get one free on this “I can’t say it’s cheese” sauce by Wayfare.

Details on the sauce ingredients – like all their products, whole grain oatmeal is the main thing(!) with coconut and sunflower oil, sesame, pimentos, nutritional yeast, sea salt, calcium carbonate and onion powder – I’m so impressed -- let me know how you enjoy it. (And don’t forget to use the coupons I’ve provided in past notes/newsletter/or even print off my blog entry from March 14 and purchase more of the Wayfare goodies for low-fat, low-sodium, high fiber and calcium rich vegan dairy alternatives.)

Soup ingredients start with the Miracle Mineral Broth with my additions for upping the healing power with both dried shitake and pears (for the lungs). I also used Trader Joe’s organic broccali florets, heads , slaw and baby broccali. Yukon gold potatoes and sweets , fresh basil, fresh cracked lemon pepper, yellow onions, sea salt and a blessed pinch of cayenne complete the simple and quick ingredients in this one. I’ve garnished with some Spring pea sprouts, baby broccali, dried shallots and paprika.

I’m rethinking the plan for the month of May – Firstly, the kitchen will be closed the first week (there are 4 weeks to follow) I’ll be on retreat in Ann Arbor the last April week-end. We’ll be holding a special Friday Evening chanting for healing ourselves, healing the world– from the ancient Jain tradition guided by Meditation Master, Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu. Stay tuned!

For more great spring recipes and menus - do click on the PCRM banner above - we're just in the midst of the 21 day kick-off and you can still register.

Buon apetito! L’Chaim, In Joy!! Your singing-soup-maker, Sharda
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