Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cruisin' in the 'burgh

Wow! I made it home -- from the Caribbean Paradise -- to be greeted first in the Greater DC and Maryland areas -- with wonderful signs of the paradise of Spring -- great negative ion richly charged torrential rains, cherry blossoms, daffadills, tulip trees in full bloom, and red buds! What a way to greet a season!

Cousin Marilyn and I had a great time whipping up some macrobiotic fresh foods -- and dining out at a unique Chinese vegan/ partly organic restaurant ...ahhh, if only in the'burgh........

And back home Monday eve -- I just had time to stop at the EEFood Coop for a few staples before teaching Restorative Yoga at Club One Monday evening.

I must say, getting ready for the Holistic Holiday at Sea, and now following it, I have had a great time preparing creative meals for myself -- lots of fresh energy -- inside and out.

I took a forty-five minute walk at Washington's Landing and proceeded to the strip iso the chinese root vegetable my marvelous acupuncture doctor, from Berkeley Springs, Dr. Lin, had prescribed for me when I asked about strengthening and supporting spleen.

(The Korean market in Rockville didn't carry it) We have such wonderful resources in our strip district -- and I got great coaching at the check out counter for preparing this healing food. Plus I found fresh water chestnuts!!! Have you ever tasted them? I bet not! I'm delighted -- they are so sweet --and also a healing food Dr. Ted Cibek had prescribed for me with the Medical QiGong approach many moons ago -- the canned item can not compare -- doesn't even seem alive!

So between the EEFood Coop, Right by Nature and this Chinese market, I have been celebrating Spring, Celebrating the Inner Healer with my own home retreat -- re-applying the principals of mindful eating (breathing, thanking,chewing) and re-designing my daily self-care rituals -for Welcoming Spring. How about you?

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Sail on and Caoi Baby!

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and New Life Now,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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