Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keep chewin'!!

Another medical leader in the field of reversing and preventing disease through nutrition is lesser known Joel Fuhrman, MD who has done some exceptional science-based work and public service via his online resources. I have his permission to reprint the following article featuring his nutritarian philosophy and principals.

What if your health can be predicted by the quality of the calories you consume? Chew on this and let me know if you take the challenge - experiment for 21 days with either this nutritarian system of Dr. Fuhrman or the Vegan transition Kickstart program of Dr. Neal Barnard -- and do use the comment section on this blog for support through written intentions - and accountability -- keep us posted on how you are doing!

My nutritarian food pyramid illustrates the principles of my Health Equation: Health = Nutrients / Calories (H = N / C) which defines how health is impacted by the micronutrient per calorie density of the diet. In other words, the future of your health can be predicted by the quality of the calories you consume. Micronutrient per calorie density is important in devising and recommending menu plans and dietary suggestions that are the most effective for tackling weight loss and for preventing and reversing disease.

It is not merely that these foods are not micronutrient rich and displace protective foods off our plate, but also that too much animal protein is linked to higher levels of IgF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) increasing risk of breast and prostate cancer. By keeping these low nutrient foods to a minimum and striving to eat at least 90% of calories from unrefined plant foods you construct a health-promoting, disease-preventing diet that has tremendous potential.

My experience in the last 20 years of medical practice is that individuals following this type of diet have transformed their health, and are living well in their 80's and 90's without the diseases plaguing other Americans. I call those who strive to follow a high nutrient eating style for its disease-protective properties, nutritarians.

Nutritional science has demonstrated that colorful plant foods contain a huge assortment of protective compounds, most of which still remain unnamed. Only by eating an assortment of nutrient-rich natural foods can we access these protective compounds and prevent the common diseases that afflict Americans.

Go to his website to Learn more:
·Become a nutritarian

·Best foods for weight-loss and disease protection

· Compare it to the USDA MyPyramid

By following the guidelines of his nutritarian food pyramid and eating an abundance of high nutrient foods you can obtain superior health, lose weight, and recover from chronic illnesses such as headaches, indigestion, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. See more at http://www.drfuhrman.com/

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