Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Go Raw!

Meat-Out "Tuesday" - I'm offering a fresh green raw soup - served at room temp. - as the final delivery for the season. Just in time for our heat-wave-- I wisely planned this blender quick and vital soup.
Depending on who's talking, raw foods offer special benefits -- the ratio of of raw-cooked will vary greatly - depending on who's system you buy into - and how your digestions responds. It's known that digestive enzymes are generally more prevalent in chewing the raw foods -- What is the ratio on your plate?? How about fermented foods to aid digestion and alkalinity. Check out the Zukay line of dressings -- an easy way to include this digestive support.

Inspired by my New Mexican friend, Aruna - I've included Baby spinach, green zucchini, jicame, parsnip, fermented red beets( from a great new Canadian company the EEFCoop is carrying - New Deep Root Organic Coop - beets are spiced with aniseed, tarragon, whole pepper, ginger, nutmeg, clove, with water, green cabbage and lactic starters - non-dairy), baby yellow and red peppers, dried shallots, Braggs, garlic powder, sea salt, herbs of provence, cayenne, dried ginger,tahini sauce ( sesame seed, water, garlic, lemon juice and salt)

I'm excited to recommend Trader Joe's prepared tahini sauce - and frozen falafels --- great served on a big romaine/other salad --
I've given my soup subscribers a taste of the falafel (ground chickpeas packs the protein and great spices - just right!) Warmed up falafel will be a nice accompaniment to the room temp. soup. So let me hear from you this summer - new plant-based finds, recipes, Farmer's Market treats. I'll be holding monthly special Self-Care events featuring some easy to make - delish-nutrish plant-based dishes - in the 'burgh -and maybe back at Chautauqua - end of September - stay tuned!
Many Species - One Planet - One Future
I See You ~ Namaste ~
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall
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