Monday, May 9, 2011

Soup Notes: For Meat-Out Monday

Notes to my soup subscribers and wannabees: Week of May 9, 2011

Spring Miso

I’m so happy to have spotted the ramps at the EEFCo-op to especially welcome Spring in the ‘burgh with you! This recipe called for garlic – and I used both ramps and garlic. Thanks to PCRM –Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – list of soups and recipes – for including this version by Barbara Bloomfield – author of Soup’s On. I would never have thought to garnish a Miso soup with nutritional yeast – were it not for her! That’s what’s packed in the baggie for you to try – it’s kinda cheesy flavor, and before all the soy cheese alternatives and Daiya’s grated tapioca –based cheese alternatives – this was the gold standard to make a cheesey sauce. I love it for the B vitamans. I used to use it as a breading for sauteed tofu in days gone by when I didn’t know any better and loved being the Tofu Queen of Pgh. (My thyroid has taught me otherwise.)

A reminder about re-heating Miso soup – be careful not to boil/microwave – just re-heat gently – so the enzymes remain potent. Here’s the rest of the ingredients: Unlike my winter miso soup, when I used Chickpea – I went with the soy –rice red miso this time – as no one has requested soyfree soups this month. Celery, green onion, Savoy cabbage, toasted sesame oil and sweet potatoes round out this unique healing soup.

Chanting Ingredients: My usual ancient Jain healing mantras: Navkar Mantra, The Forgiveness Prayer, Sarve and Shivum Astu. I also included Threshold songs like Open My heart and May eternal Light surround you. Reminder: Next week is ‘ Cream’ of Asparagus followed by Corn Chowder/ Celery Root and Raw Green with Tahini delivered Tuesday May 31st. If you're in the 'burgh, do call to order: $10 Special requests for Quarts of Magic Mineral Healing broth or Veg Broth (with chickpea protein) and for Pints of Luscious Lentil Pate or Carrot Tahini Miso Pate.
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