Monday, August 30, 2010

Chew on this!!

We're just transitioning out of a very enriching week-end retreat in Berkeley Springs WVA. I am preparing a series of follow-up posts that are intended to offer on-going support for celebrating life through vegan transition meal planning.

I thought I'd share these resources to the wider viewing audience of wellness practitioners - self-care enthusiasts - folks interested in healing and anti-aging and new-comers to BodyArts Therapeutics programs.

This seasonal transition summer -fall is simultaneously upon us all -- and holy days of a variety of traditions has already begun with Ramadan, soon to be followed by the Festival of Forgiveness of the Jains (9/4-12), and then The Jewish High Holy days (9/8-18) -- what have I forgotten???
Forms of fasting are integral to all of the above holidays.
If you feel called to increase your energy, heal, turn back the clock, return to more balance and harmony, be more proactive/ more congruent with you green consciousness and actions, the universe is ready to support you - including Dr.Neal and Suzen/Sharda!

My hero Neal Barnard, MD through PCRM and The Cancer Project has launched a comprehensive FREE online support system that begins in five days - The 21 Day vegan Kickstart program that I encourage you to check out -- and who do you know that might have interest and not be aware of this service? Do pass this blog post on before September 5th! (Use the share button to the right?)

Register today to join the Kickstart at

Included in this free online program: Webcasts offering cooking demos, shopping tips, tips from celebrity guests -- A message board for free Q & A and social support --- 21 day menu with delicious recipes. (I'm already contracted to support one Pgher committed to these 21 days as pre-surgery preparation to lose weight. I'll make a couple of meals each week for her - from the Kickstart program)

What if following the 21 day kickstart program became the most powerful three weeks of your life: revolutionizing your relationship to food - losing weight - gaining energy -- lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure and living in harmony with nature?

Leave a comment below to let me know you are registered and continue communicating here throughout the three weeks - when you have a question - or just want to have a source for accountability - checkin' in here letting us know how it's going -- in the comment section. Also
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Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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