Monday, August 16, 2010

The Five Worst Foods to Grill / The Cancer Project

So, I've given up the cyber search for what vegan delites Chelsea served at the wedding and am simply drawing on local farm to table inspirations for my menu for the upcoming week-end retreat Return Mountain: Celebrating the Inner Healer in Berkeley Springs WVA.

We'll have special Pittsburgh peaches contributing to our meals thanks to Farmer David, my generous and avid Restorative Yoga student. I'll include them on the grill as well as in a dish for brunch baked with oats and ''walnuts. They are luscious right now! Our welcome supper Friday evening will include vegan contributions from the retreat participants -- stay tune for the full report on our delish nutrish' eats and the dishes getting the biggest raves!

PCRM recipes never fail to spark me as well.
Click on the link to Dr. Barnard's website for some inspiration and new information through the three minute video and article explaining why common grilled meats and fish pose threats that grilling veggies and veg burger substitutes don't.

The Five Worst Foods to Grill / The Cancer Project

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To register or learn about all the online support for a vegan transition that starts in September go to:

Many Species...One Planet...One Future

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