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Seven Sumptuous Meals: Return Mountain Retreat

Celebrating the Inner Healer: Return Mountain Retreat All-Stars

We're seen on the deck of MayApple Cacapon mountainside cabin in Berkeley Springs WVA
See the drum, yoga mat and special acu-ball props used in my YeSSS! Method of Restorative Yoga. You'll need to use your imagination to picture the dishes that make up our organic vegan menus.

Friday Supper:

Baked Barley casserole with butternut squash and Pittsburgh peaches
Marinated tomatoes, sweet onion and fennel with fresh basil
Seeded whole wheat bread baked by Pgh's Loafers Bakery
Mixed Field Green salad and Annie's dressing via Berkeley Springs Community Market
Chocolate coconut tapioca

Berkeley Springs Fresh Mineral Water Beverages throughout the week-end:
Lemongrass tea (hot/cold)
sen -cha green tea (hot/cold
cucumber water

Breakfast Saturday:
Jude Shepard's auryvedic sprouted seed and nut combo - served with coconut yogurt/kefir, blueberries/strawberries, with cinnamon and cumin and optional honey/agave (regrettfully,I forgot the organic applesauce - meant to also support the digestion)

coffee - tea -
flax flakes - banana -- peanut butter

Poolside Picnic Lunch Saturday:
Fruit kebobs: pinapple, strawberries - cantelope
Tempeh Waldorf salad in raddicchio cups -
Lebanese Tabooli with quinoa, chick peas, cucumberP with romaine spears
Crackers and Crudites with:
guacomole and smoked chedder no cheese (made from oats!!) dip
check out these products -- hot hot hot!!

Saturday Dinner at Lot 12:

The vegan entre Chef Damian created was his version of
Warm roasted baba ganush with roasted garlic and roasted veggie stack on a bed of cous cous and orzo
Light and lovely - He also served fresh Gazpacho which was enjoyed by our guys.

We were all too satisfied for dessert.

Sunday Brunch:
Sprouted Mung Bean Salad with Romaine spears
Peach - Pinapple Oat bake
Sprouted seeds and nuts encore

Sunday Supper

Heirloom tomatoe, peach and avacado salad in watermellon vinegrette
Grilled veggies: fennel, baby portobellas, garlic, beets, red potatoes, seitan

Grilled peaches and pinapple Oneness rings
Grilled cherry - chocolate whole wheat bread

(After Drumming dessert: fresh mango-cantelope sorbet
Monday Brunch:
Cold beet borscht with garlic, dill, roasted baby red potatoe and tofu sour cream
Black bean western salad wrap: sprouted eziekiel tortilla/millet-flax-spinach

Avec L'amour!

In the Retreat Resource packet I provided a couple of the recipes from these menus along with a number of additional recipes I gathered at the N.American Vegetarian Society Summerfest. Throughout the week-end there were requests for more of the recipes - one hit was the sprouted mung bean salad -- a new recipe for me thanks to my friend Nirali preparing it with me in Ann Arbor -- we have Ashaben Seth to thank for that Gujarati special.

I also had fun introducing store bought items that are great quick vegan options -- accessible at Whole Foods and other savvy grocerias. Seiten -- wheat gluten - nice protein source was of great interest with this group as well - I was happy to finally find and also introduce a vegan grated cheese substitute that is soy and casein free - thanks to a new kid on the block "Daiya" company.
Many Species...One Planet...One Future

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and Reverence for all Life,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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