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January really is National Soup Month!

Comfort food...Is Soup on your list? When was the last time you enjoyed making some; ok, heating some at home?? Beginning most meals with soup is optimal for its calming effect on the body and mind, and its supporting of the digestive process by stimulating essential digestive enzymes and juices. When I was on the holistic cruise, I learned to begin breakfast with Miso soup -- a Japanese macrobiotic healing practice. It felt and tasted good!

My Healing Vegan Soup Subscription program is taking on a life of its own -- growing organically with word of mouth referrals joining each week. This week I'm preparing a unique version of Escarole Soup (aka Italian Wedding Soup). I apologize for any inconvenience, but I've decided to switch the schedule -- and hold off the Miso soup until January 24th -- since I realized that I was feeding folks soy ingredients two weeks in a row by keeping the original schedule. And with Mushroom Barley being gluten free last week - the Escarole soup - has lots of wheat gluten (and protein) between the pasta, seiten neat balls and chunks of seiten chicken. It's also loaded with great greens -- not just escarole -- but also baby arugula, Italian flat-leaf parsley and carrot greens -- The Right by Nature market had the most exciting very fresh organic rainbow baby carrots with tops!! A rare find! Thank you one and all!

I am dedicating this week's exceptional soup to the memory of Aunt Ruth Solomon, who took her last breath recently at age 90. All those who I've every served my home-cooked meals, potluck dish, or the soups, have Aunt Ruth to thank for inspiring me to share Food as Medicine Food as Love. From early childhood I was inspired to present food with celebration of life and love -- and family -- and I am most grateful to now recognize the world as family -- as I share now the World Peace Diet through my Healing Soup program. I am most grateful and most enriched counting you all in my family.

As I rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled the mini-neatballs, I had to smile, persevering and coming to appreciate the many hours of preparation Aunt Ruth was willing to take--- for probably 80 years - for the love of family. Yes, Mother Florence was my first and most important role model, who gave me the same message about the spirit of cooking and the meaning of serving --and who taught me some very different lessons as well. Between these two women and my Grandma Solomon and Boubi Segall, I was steeped in Hungarian, Russian and Romanian influences. How about you?

So for those subscribing to the Healing Soup program this week, here's the skinny!
And for those close enough to Berkeley Springs West Virgina, I am working on making a couple of the soups available January 29th at the Spa Fest - including this one.
Leave a comment here if you are interested in reserving some!

Escarole Zoupa!

Ingredients include: Olive oil, yellow onion, shallots, garlic,rainbow young carrots with tops, celery, flat-leaf parsley, baby arugula, escarole, oregano, fresh basil, parsnips, broth, Acini di Pepe whole-wheat organic pasta, and the neatballs have seiten (wheat gluten and bread crumb base (except for those who requested gluten free - they get brown rice pasta instead), italian spices, garlic and fresh cracked pepper. Fresh lemon drizzled on top before serving is suggested.

A quote from George Ohasawa from The Practical Guide to Far Eastern Macrobiotic Medicine:
In reality, good chewing of well-balanced food is the greatest ceremony of creating life.

Chanting Ingredients:

The first two are Jain prayers Navkar Mantra - Centering and Protecting and
Shivum Astu for Healing

Preparations continued with the CD playing Songs and music from Dr. Emoto's friends - inspired by the balanced harmonious chrystal formation of water -- Water Songs
Threshold Choir:

Do Not Seek Perfection in a Changing World, Instead Perfect Your Love
Jain Meditation Intl Center:

From you I receive, To You I give, Together we share and From this we live
Many Species...One Planet...One Future

~I See You ~ Namaste ~
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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