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Taoist Astrological report for January 6-February 3

I'm sharing Phil Janetta's current report fyi:

General Outlook January is a paradoxical month. Marking the beginning of the year on the solar calendar, it brings a keen sense of anticipation and restlessness. Who isn’t ready for a “fresh start” and a new beginning. We are likely eager to work on heart-felt resolutions to fashion a more satisfying life for our selves and loved ones.

But something essential is missing from January’s anticipation - a key without which all our hopeful expectations sour into frustration and disappointment. The missing element is simple: The new energetic year will not begin until February 4th 2011. This date marks the actual turning of emphasis and influence. For practical purposes, it is the true beginning of a new growth cycle in our lives.

The fact is, whatever our intentions, January is a period of transition – a time when, like the frozen vegetation, the old withers and fades, to make way to the new. This shift is best spent in planning and preparation, while carefully continuing with daily routines. Gardeners and farmers know the importance of timing. They struggle with the temptation to plant at the first signs of spring, and worry about the real possibility of a late killing frost that will make a mockery of their efforts.

If we push ahead with new initiatives in January, we will likely meet resistance and create unexpected complications for ourselves. Quite early in the solar new year, we could despair of progress, and resign ourselves to the “same old thing,” as our resolutions and hopeful intentions dissolve. We may blame our selves or others, karma or god for our misfortune. Sadly, we might mistakenly conclude that we are unable to influence the course of our lives.

Energetics – December had a decidedly winter feel, matching the actual season. January brings the opposite - a summer-like influence in mid-winter - that will color our perceptions, emotions and interactions. This will be both enjoyable - as relationships and friendships are highlighted – and challenging, as our judgment and patience will be tested. More energy will be in our head (eyes and brain) and less in the “centering” and “grounding” area of the abdomen.

Implications – If we are not careful, this summer-feel could prompt us to behave prematurely, in ways that run contrary to our well-being. With a certain naivety, we could forge ahead before we are ready or before conditions are right. January is a classic “lean” month. This year, the realm of balance is rather narrow. It will be easy to slip into extremes, which could create a new set of complications to deal with.

On the other hand, if we ignore the enthusiasm and activity January’s energy will engender, we could miss genuine opportunities – specifically, shining a light on the reality of our circumstances, the quality of our expectations, and the practicality of our approach.

The advice is to reflect on insights and possibilities as they present themselves. Expand your vision of the possible. Remind yourself that, to be successful, new initiatives and activities must be carried out in an orderly fashion. January is certainly not a month for recklessness or superficial behavior or commitment.

Symbols and Associations – An awareness of traditional symbols and associations can help us understand our own evolving needs, drives and emotions as the months and seasons progress.

Those living in temperate climates are keenly aware of January’s severity.

December’s light, color and human warmth now give way to more somber symbols and subtle associations.

Nature reminds us that “stillness” balances activity, contemplation completes sociability.

Ice – The flowing nature of water is now frozen on the surface. We know, of course, that under the ice, deep water retains the wonderful fluidity of liquid. The lesson for us is for outer stillness, while exploring and expressing the depths of our inner being.

Snow – Softens landscapes and quiets any environment, while insulating / protecting the interior. Again, an example we can adopt in our own life – an exterior softness enables a peaceful interior.

Snow also has a cold purity – undue passion and emotional volatility are extremes that exact a great price now.

Wind – Is both a harbinger and bringer of change. January’s wind can be cutting, penetrating to the very bones. Our foundations now need to be maintained and protected.


The Return of Light – One minute at a time, each day finds dawn coming earlier, dusk later. This progression is subtle, but brings a sense of hope for things to come. (It will be more apparent in February.)

A Pause / Transition - The forces of life are now in flux. It is a time heralding endings and beginnings, while being neither. Transitions allow us to leave old patterns behind, while offering visions of what can be. This is a paradoxical situation. The old is not yet finished, and the new is not yet here. Be patient. Exercise the discipline to follow your best instincts.

Waiting / Drifting – This is not a primary month either for initiating new activities or for forcefully responding to circumstances. Rather, calmly adjust / respond to situations and demands. Do this in appropriate ways and in a timely fashion.

Human Image – Whatever we do now requires extra planning and preparation, and more time in execution. Care, even caution, are called for. The very young and very old, the frail and sick (on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels) are at risk. Even those in the fullness of life cannot act with disregard for natural forces without endangering their inner resources.

It is a time to:

Concretely envision what we want for ourselves in the coming year;

Make and fine-tune preparations in whatever ways we can;

Commit and dedicate ourselves to doing what it takes to realize our


Ask for and be willing to accept spiritual guidance and support.

Commentary – 2010 has been a year characterized by the image of “Revolution.” Hopefully, we have had insights and experiences that enabled us to improve the quality of our lives in ways large and small. But change, even positive change, must be consolidated, made an innate part of our outlook and routines. Use the month of January to reinforce and fortify whatever growth or progress you have accomplished. We all know how quickly even powerful ideas and positive habits can fade if not properly nourished.

Food (The basic way we adjust to changing environmental influences, remain in touch with ever-shifting energies, and nourish our selves through the various stages of life, is with daily diet.)

After the celebrations and possible excesses of the holidays, the pendulum shifts to counter this - it is time to simplify. Of course we still desire warming, energizing foods, yet it is time to satisfy these needs in simple, wholesome ways. Soups can be mainstays now. Examples include green split-pea, green/brown lentil, and Italian white-bean, and vegetable Minestrone. (Deep-fried croutons add extra richness.) Risotto is actually simple to make and is quite appetizing. Fried rice, fried noodles and sautéed vegetables are quite satisfying now. Breakfast on oatmeal or other grain porridges to energize your mornings.

(Note that January is the last month emphasizing strong energy and heat. Soon we will be craving fresher tastes and foods that relax, in response to the energetic shift towards spring’s up and outward movement.)

Special Energy Days – There are days each month when the energy is especially active and bright, and others when it is slow and dull. This is true generally, and is not specific to individual natures. (Rather than basing your actions on the following dates, review them once they are past to see if this rings true in your own life.)

January’s Fortunate Dates – 9, 15, 21, 27 Feb 2

Inauspicious Dates – 8, 14, 20, 26 Feb 1

© Phil Jannetta 2011

Note from Sharda:
February 2nd is actually Chinese New Year's eve, and part of the special energy is because it is also Candlemas or Mid-winters day or as we refer to it Groundhog's Day. So many faiths will be celebrating on this special day -- and YOU??

From you I receive, To You I give, Together we share and From this we live
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~I See You ~ Namaste ~
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and the Rhythm of Nature,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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