Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soup is Served!!

Most Hearty Healthy Vegan Soup subscribers received the first delivery on Monday, December 6th (my dear departed Mother Florence's birtday).

I introduced a unique Shitake Mung Brown Rice Soup. Included in the package was a sample of a traditional Indian bread - "Dokla" that I'm working on -- a lovely accompaniment to soups -- its packed with Chickpea protein and seasoned with a little cumin and mustard seeds with canola oil, fresh cilantro and coconut -- needing to be warmed up before serving. I'm eager to hear how it was received. While attending a community suprise 16th Birthday celebration for Pooja Pokharna at our Jain Hindu Temple , I got some great tips for improving my dokla making by Miraben Shah. I think all Jain women are expert cooks. I'm going to try it once again -- wish me well! I've decided that if I don't have the light spongy texture down this third try, I will make an appointment to join Garima Jain in her kitchen - and watch the expert. Her Jain vegan dishes continue to gain followers at our Public House and East Liberty Farmer's Market.

Sometimes cooking is an art as well as science, eh?!

So far, I've gotten rave reviews from subscribers on the soup - mixed on the dokla. Next week I'll offer a more familiar soup/ or it may become greens and beans -- since I'm getting lots of kale through a wonderful donation of Kretchman Farm winter CSA share of the week (that's an organic local farm that offers 'community supported agriculture' - subscriptions of weekly produce.

I want to publically acknowledge just some of the thoughtful generous gifts I've already received from soup subscriber benefactors:

Many thanks to Gloria DeRiggi for her seed money that supplied the program with a new large capacity food processor, new chef's knife and packaging materials.

Many thanks to Ernie Abhai Edson for the Kretchman Farm share - fresh local veggies and apples this week.

Many thanks to Dr. Greg Nicosia for his on-going support and gifting part of his multi-quart order to a mutual friend.

Many thanks to Pramoda Chitrabhanu whose 1970's mindful Ahimsa cooking coaching has served me and all of us so well.

And last but closest to my heart, in celebration of my first role model of Food as Medicine Food as Love -- I dedicate this project to the memory of Mama Florence Solomon Segall.

I am grateful to all the seen and unseen patrons of the zoupa!

Perhaps you'd like to request gift certificates for Pittsburghers for the January Soup subscription. Who do you know that would appreciate receiving this unique gift of health?
Stay tuned for some soup reviews -and more news on my dokla-making journey!

Many Species...One Planet...One Future~I See You ~ Namaste ~

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude, Vitality and Reverence for All Life

Suzen Sharda Segall

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