Friday, March 19, 2010

Counting Down to ship ahoy and Counting Blessings

I'm on my way, bye bye to the 'burgh and hello, to my first two legs of this Wellness Voyage:

First stop: Get a little help from my friend in Berkeley Springs, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia -- the magnificent Dr. Linn (or Acupuncture - hot oil hot towel session to ground and harmonize me following the whirlwind of preparation for the Holistic Holiday at Sea presentations.

(I even sang In Breath Out Breath to her - while face down in the donut!! catching her up on the evolution of my sessions with table clients and Restorative Yoga classes where I'm now incorporating a couple special Threshold Choir songs.)

While still heading to BS I am opening the window to pay the turnpike toll -- and a very strong whiff of manure greeted me -- and much to my suprise and delight -- instead of feeling repulsed -- my first reaction was -- Pungent...Oh! Manure -- what a great sign of Spring here in our farm country ! Wow! that's a new and positive shift - Dr. Linn and I celebrated my healing progress - and I made a few more rounds visiting special shops - Sage Moon -- and SoupitySalads great vibes great pure food made with love - (for starters - a gingery strawberry lemonade sweetened with agave -- lovely - and a request to share menus from the cruise )

-- and of course getting right to the Rx home-work of grounding myself - by visiting the Springs -- and in the fresh air and bright sun - practiced the Medical QiGong sequence to balance and harmonize all the organ systems, followed by the special grounding & centering standing meditation and 100 orbits. What a way to start the Wellness Voyage......thank you one and all!

I've been enjoying the buds at home while on my brief but refreshing walks these last couple of days -- and now realize I will have the red bud trees in Maryland to look forward to by my return trip!

(Stop two:overnite with traveling companion dear cousin Marilyn -- a great reunion -- and in catching up ---another Celebration of each of our Inner Healing.

The cab will be here 6:45 am so I'll sign off. All this preparation... all this anticipation,...we're really Welcoming Spring and our second annual Voyage to deeper and higher wellness!

May you all enjoy great happiness and health and let us know about your celebrations of Spring - of New Life - new attitudes -- new recipes...

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Ahimsa (Jain philosophy of Reverence for All Life),

Suzen Sharda Segall

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