Thursday, March 18, 2010

Monday at Sea

Yoga with Chandrakant was a great way to start this first full day -- I was kinda happy we were inside due to rain on the deck -- and even though 7 am start meant I only had 5 hours sleep- I trust the yoga was the ticket -- I'm writing at 10:30 pm - forgoing the Ice Cream social tonite and heading for some usual 7 hour sleep for tonite.

I've had such rich conversations and meetings with fellow voyagers already -- and some warm reunions - with last year's new friends.
I hope I can share more on that soon, but for now -- here's one taste:

Can you believe a Chilean woman sat across from me at breakfast -- just returned from home - and we talked about the earthquake and the Latino community fundraiser Abhai and I went to -- and I shared how touched I am with the Violeta Parra Thank this Life song -- did you see the lyrics I posted a week ago?

My threshold choir friends will especially enjoy the news that while Bryant Terry was introducing his cooking demo - on Soul Food Revival - (which my Pgh Food is Elementary new colleagues will also appreciate - with his eliminating the objection that healthy food is too costly) First -- he sang twice!! He relayed a gospel hymn his cookin granny sang while stirring the pot -- Glory Glory..lay my burdens down.... and gave us the hip hop song that changed his life in 10th grade - 'BEEF" by KRSI
He demonstrated Double Mustard Greens with Roasted Yams a soup dedicated to Uncle Dan -- who he asked to compose a song with lyrics dedicating his cookbook it's called Thankful and I hope Cindy Harris will search out how it sounds for us Thresholders! His second demo was
sweet cornmeal coconut drop biscuits. I loved his energy and his philosophy -- more on that in future blogs.

Monday Breakfast:

Miso soup with Asian vegetables & tofu

Creamy whole oats with tamari almonds

Steamed collard greens

applel dried cherry compote

optional french toast with maple syrup and fresh berries

(plus the always buffet of wonderful fruits etc)


Guacamole with fresh tortilla chips and salsa

corn and rice salad

Mexican gazpacho served cold

Black bean burrito with toful sour cream and fried plantains

Rasberry and mango kanten
And again, my lunch companions were delicious special treats --A coach on Marilou Henner's website --and two brothers and their wives -- One from Utah - Patti M. gave me some great tips: Karina' - where she found wonderful buckwheat chocolate chip cookies that pleased her not so food health conscious brother-in-law as well as a pumpkin pie I'll also want to test -- Pattie used coconut milk --just what I'd like to try! plus Babycakes now has a cookbook -

Areva Derchi (sp?)

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Happiness,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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