Monday, March 15, 2010

I thank this life for all it has Given Me

Gracias a la Vida

I thank this life for all it has given me,
For my two eyes that I can open
to perfectly distinguish black from white,
And in the high heavens, the starry depths,
And amid the multitudes, the one that I love.

I thank this life for all it has given me,
For all the sounds that reach my ears,
Both day and night, each bug and bird,
The hammers, turbines, howls and rainfall,
And the warm, sweet voice of my beloved.

I thank this life for all it has given me,
For my heart that skips a beat
when I see the fruits of the human mind,
When I see good, so far from evil,
When I see the depths of your bright eyes.

I thank this life for all it has given me,
For the laughter and the tears
that help me distinguish joy from sorrow:
The two elements that form my song
And your song that is one and the same,
And the world's song, that is my own.

I thank this life for all it has given me...

Gracias a la vida: please cut and paste for the spanish rendition: .
Written by chile's beloved songwriter Violeta Parra >

I apologize that I don't yet know how to upload a UTUBE video - but if you cut and past the address above you can hear and see a powerful rendition.

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PS Cousin Marilyn took the photo of me thanking this life in Grand Caymon on the Holistic Holiday at Sea VI
Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Ahimsa (Jain philosophy of Reverence for All Life),
Suzen Sharda Segall

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