Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Postcard from Paradise heading H om e

Wow -- the last full day on the deep blue seas -- she sighs --

I just had great fun with Les Bowlin's SwingGolf session -- Jillian stopped me and let me know that the she'd been practicing in her cabin having taken his earlier session -- and then she attended my Mindful Walking session yesterday -- went back to practice the SwingGolf and found her experience much enhanced by including the principals and practice of some of my QiGong warm ups -- like Tossing - our great purging -- release of stagnation exercise that warms the whole trunk and engages big natural swings!


And by the way -- I didn't have time earlier to give the description of my first workshop -
Ageless Body, Ageless Mind -- Guided QiGong Practice and Hara Breathing technique
Greet the day with enjoyable easy-to-learn exercises (stand/sit) on deck. This body-mind self-care system is the Chinese yoga 'chee gong'. Sharda will guide some slow movements coordinated with the breath and visual imagery to improve core stability, leg strength and release of tension in body and mind. Complete the journey inward, assimilating and integrating the practice through guided deep breathing, experiencing one-pointed concentration.

Everyone enjoyed this unique practice greeting St. Thomas and celebrating life. And I thank my new friend Rhonda St.Clair for the great photo!

Lunch time, gotta go!
Yours in wellness, gratitude and fresh air!
Suzen Sharda Segall

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