Sunday, March 14, 2010

I See You: An Inside Look at the Spirit of Avatar Message #3

Remember our interconnectedness: The way the Na'vi live in harmony with their land and all living creators is one of the most profound and awe-inspiring elements of Avatar. There is a deep respect and appreciation for all living creators and for all elements of nature that the Na'vi truly embody. A great example of this is how the Na'vi warriors bond with their Banshees (the four-winged creatures they fly around on). Once they bond-which they do both physically and energetically-they are bonded for life and work together as one. The first few scenes in the film where we see the Na'vi warriors connect with their Banshees literally took my breath away and had a visceral impact on me as I sat in the theater. The many ways in which the Na'vi exemplifies this interconnectedness remind us of the universal oneness that is at the core of our spiritual essence.

How consciously interconnected do you feel toward other people, living creatures and our planet in your daily life? It's so easy for us to get caught up in the illusion of separateness-we think, talk and are reminded of all the ways we are different, disconnected and isolated from one another, living creators and the earth all the time. However, most of us have had experiences in our lives where we've felt a deep sense of interconnectedness, not just with people we know and love, but
with all of life. In those moments, we've seen, felt and touched the depth of our spiritual nature. When we consciously tap into this, we remember that, at the deepest level, we are all one.

I am eager to read your comments here on how you are reconnecting with that which is most sacred to you; what's it been like for you lately when focusing on what truly matters; and examples of remembering how connected we are to each other, all living beings and to the environment in which we live. And while this is the last in the series of posts related to Mike Robbins' article on An Inside Look at the Spirit of Avatar, I expect these themes will be woven into the fabric of Celebrating the Inner Healer.

One friend recognized the message of macrobiotics when watching Avatar -- feeling affirmed
in her new healthy lifestyle choice this past year (sparked and fueled by A Holistic Holiday
at Sea) - I hope she joins in on our conversation about it here!

I, of course, felt so encouraged that the ancient Jain path of Ahimsa, the philosophy and practice
of Reverence for All Life, that I have embraced for about forty years, is reflected in the spirit of the Avatar messages. What did and do you see? Please scroll down to the comment box and join the discussion. You can also look for the word Followers on the right and click on the box to receive the upcoming posts directly.

I See You: Namaste:

I greet the light in you. I bow to your essence. When you and I recognize this we celebrate oneness.

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Ahimsa (Jain philosophy of Reverence for All Life),
Suzen Sharda Segall

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