Sunday, March 14, 2010

How are You Celebrating Life Today?

I recently read a newsletter from Oprah featuring the sought after motivational speaker and best-selling author Mike Robbins (Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself: Everyone Else Is Already Taken). His article (abridged) is well worth sharing here.

"Avatar is a film that not only broke new ground in filmmaking technology, visual effects and box office success, it's a movie that challenges us in a spiritual way to remember who we really are and why we're truly here. The film is a wake-up call-reminding us of the dangers of greed, unconsciousness, disconnection, insensitivity and arrogance, both globally and personally."

I'd say Avatar brilliantly dances us the yin-yang (Chinese philosophy of the dynamic balancing of polarities within wholeness) of Callousness-Compassion.

Robbins outlines three of the most important messages we can take away from Avatar and
use in our own lives and on our spiritual journeys. I've included the first message below
and stay tuned the next couple days for message two and three.

Robbins said that in viewing Avatar 'I felt as though my life had been altered spiritually.'

How about you???

I See You:

An Inside Look at the Spirit of Avatar

Honor the sacred: A central theme of the film is the way in which the
Na'vi (the native species of the moon Pandora, where the story takes
place) honor the sacredness of their land-specifically Hometree (where
they live) and the Tree of Souls (where they worship). They have a deep
sense of reverence for these important places and for all of Pandora.

How well do you honor your own space? How much reverence do you hold
for where you live, where you pray, meditate or worship, where you
work, where you eat, the planet? So often we forget that the sacredness
of any place is more about how we relate to it than about the space
itself. We have the ability to bring a sense of sacredness to anywhere
we are, at any time.

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I See You (Na'vi)
Namaste: (Hindi)
I greet the light in you. I bow to your essence. When you and I recognize
this we celebrate oneness.

Yours in Wellness, Gratitude and Oneness,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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