Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chi with Me on the Deep Blue Sea

The schedule is set -- I am sharing Qi(pronounced chee) Gong -( Chinese Yoga) - and
guided Hara breathing (diaphramatic breath) on deck of the luxurious Costa Fortuna to start the day in the Virgin Islands Wednesday March 24th.

On Friday the 26th we'll be Mindfully Walking and Sharing The Tai Ji
Dance of the Five Elements after breakfast before exploring Grand
Turk. (Tai Ji or Tai Chi - pronounced 'chee' - is an ancient standing slow-moving meditative practice for health or martial art)

Even if you are unable to join us in person this year, you do not have to
do without some Five Star mindbody nourishment and nurturing self-care
and community. Through this new Celebrating the Inner Healer blog
I'll be suggesting several ways for you to experience "A taste of health"(link to their website) without packing your suitcase.

As I am counting down less than two weeks to Bon Voyage on the Costa Fortuna, I invite you to join me here for some timely tastes of health and healing.

I look forward to your comments and would love to hear about other Wellness Getaways you have discovered, enjoyed and recommend to our community of folks celebrating the Inner Healer.

Starting tomorrow -- Why not embark and book an
appointment with yourself for the Guided Radiant Skin - Radiant Self
treatment that I'll describe here on Thursday. I'll be very interested to hear how it rates -- what you learned -- what suprised you about the experience -- or any questions.

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