Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcoming Spring Self-Care

Radiant Skin - Radiant Self

This simple hot towel rub has long been used in Asia and Europe to rejuvenate and
beautify the skin. Unlike dry skin brushing or loofa only the surface of the skin, you will stimulate the muscles and the internal organs with this hot towel technique. The rub can be done on a daily basis even during and after pregnancy. While you are pregnant, it helps to prevent stretch marks and the build up of cellulite. Afterwards, it can help to keep your skin healthy and enable it to regain its natural elasticity.

I highly recommend it for Every Body during our long dormant and dry winter months. Building radiant skin is only one of the benefits. It is also a great stress release.

If you do the rub in the morning, you will feel uplifted and ready for the day. I prefer rubbing before bed - then getting snuggly under the covers, supporting a deep restful sleep, which in turn enhances our healing capacity. In general, it may help you to clear toxins and let go tension.

The hot towel rub is said to improve circulation, strengthen the immune system and support the function of the organs especially the kidneys, lungs and liver. It is an inexpensive, simple and fun way to look and feel great. All you need is a cotton face cloth, a sink full of hot
water, a few minutes and your bathroom.

Here's How:

Either morning or evening - separate from bathing/shower to avoid losing minerals with too much time in standing water -

Fill you bathroom sink with hot water. Dip the face cloth into the water, wring it out and fold it into a pad that fits comfortably in your hand. With short fairly brisk strokes, rhythmically rub your entire body in a back and forth motion. Try figure eights and exhaling audibly, slowly and deeply.
The idea is to have your skin turn pink. Have the pressure be firm and not painful. Take care with areas that are delicate or sensitive and be gentle. Dip you face cloth in the hot water, from time to time, to re-freshen it. Know that some areas of you skin may get a little dry or fail to turn pink at all. That is normal. Fat can build up below the surface of the skin, which then may become clogged. That's what may prevent the natural oils from flowing smoothly.

When you feel time or energy is short, just concentrate on four key areas:
your hands, feet, face and groin. Be patient, and practice regularly and you will find, over time,the fat WILL break up... it won't be long before you experience a delightful difference in the condition of your skin.
Getting older is inevitable, feeling and looking ageless is a choice!
Soon, your skin will become smoother, firmer, more supple and silky to the touch...and you will radiate from inside out.

Do let us know how you like this special self-care technique. If you have some other welcoming spring self-care rituals and recipes for celebrating the inner healer -- I thank you in advance for sharing them with us here too! Just scroll down to the comment box -- and do click on Followers on the right for direct delivery of Celebrating the Inner Healer. Thank you.

Namaste! (Hindi for 'I greet the light in you. I bow to your essence')
I See You (Avatar version!)

Yours in Wellness, Radiance and Beauty,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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