Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Evening Postcard from Paradise: Heading h om e

Well, I've got most of the packing down and want to get up to the pool Deck 9 Farewell Disco Party.

The evening air is a bit cool -- and sooo fresh -- I'm feeling very great full --

Here's my favorite meal - Friday evening:

Hijiki caviar

Split pea soup with dulse & smoked tempeh

Grilled asparagus salad with sesame miso vinaigrette

Roasted portobello mushroom with millet "mashed potatoes" & yummy shitake gravy

And 5 star dessert: Key lime pie with blackberry sauce

My vote for best salad of the week (I asked for seconds):

Orange arame watercress salad

It looks like the appetizers for the week were my greatest hits:
Lentil walnut pate and Hijiki tart with sweet potatoe sauce and tonite's porcini mushroom pate are always satisfying and the marinated seiten skewers were also a great treat --

William Spear and Joel Fuhrman were new exceptional contributors this year --
and my dear colleague Hazel Chung -Hood, Maryland Ohashiatsu Director, like me was a first time presenter -- and I so enjoyed it -- as well as Swing Golf with Les

Passover will mark the transition of this Celebration of the Inner Healer - Wellness Voyage at Sea 2010 to Spring in the 'burgh. Wouldn't a Plant-based Sedar celebrating freedom, miracles, community, and inner strength be just the ticket??? Any 'burghers who'd like to invite me for second nite -- I'm ready!

Ariva Derci,
Yours in Wellness, Spring Vitality, Love and Light,
Suzen Sharda Segall

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